scan1 [ skæn ] verb **
▸ 1 look carefully
▸ 2 read quickly
▸ 3 copy with equipment
▸ 4 photograph inside of something
▸ 5 about poetry
1. ) transitive to look at something very carefully, because you hope or expect to see a particular person or thing:
He scanned her face but there were no signs of emotion.
scan something for someone/something: Ella scanned the crowd for any sign of Geoff.
anxiously/eagerly scan something: The pilot was anxiously scanning the sky for other air traffic.
a ) intransitive or transitive if a machine or computer program scans something, it examines it in order to look for a particular thing:
A program is supplied which scans for viruses and removes them.
Every fifty meters there was a camera scanning the road.
b ) transitive to examine an area using SONAR or RADAR equipment in order to find objects in it:
The spacecraft scans the Earth's seas with radar instruments.
2. ) scan or scan through intransitive or transitive to read something very quickly, in order to get a general idea of its meaning or to find particular information:
Merrill opened the letter, scanned it briefly, and threw it away.
Tony scanned through the television programs in the local newspaper.
scan something for something: She scanned the paper for any news of them.
3. ) intransitive or transitive to use a piece of equipment to read and store information in DIGITAL form:
You can use photographs and then scan them onto your computer.
His job was to scan bar codes in the store.
scan in something (=scan something and store it in your computer): You can scan in a photograph of your home.
scan something into something: Documents are scanned into a computer and then converted to electronic form.
a ) if a piece of equipment scans a document, photograph, etc., it changes it into a form that can be stored in a computer:
A printer that can fax, scan, and copy saves space.
4. ) transitive to use a piece of equipment to produce a picture of the inside of a part of your body:
In one test, the subjects' brains were scanned while they read to themselves.
a ) to use a piece of equipment to produce a picture of the inside of an object:
He waited while the X-ray machine scanned his luggage.
b ) to use a piece of equipment to see the developing baby in a pregnant woman
5. ) intransitive TECHNICAL if poetry scans, it has a regular RHYTHM (=pattern of beats):
These are poems that neither rhyme nor scan.
scan 2 [ skæn ] noun count *
1. ) a medical test that uses a special piece of equipment to produce a picture of the inside of your body:
a brain scan
a ) a medical test that uses a special piece of equipment to produce a picture of a developing baby inside a pregnant woman: ULTRASOUND
2. ) an act of reading something very quickly, in order to get a general idea of its meaning or to find particular information:
a quick scan of the morning mail

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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